Rega Products Ltd. made and still makes agricultural and horticultural spraying equipment, machines, atomisers, inflators, lacquer and paint spray equipment for home, garage, farm and professional PCO use. Here are some pictures of vintage sprayers produced in the 1920s-1930s and If you were thinking it, yes they still work.

These products were made by the company REGA Products Ltd.

REGA Products didn’t just have a wide use for farm, home and garden, they were also supplying Defence during WWII. One interesting item found during research is a patent for a portable flame thrower listed in Australian Archives during 1941-43.

REGA was later purchased by Garrards and has found a home in the Professional Pest Control Industry as products of choice for reliable chemical applications. Still owned and operated right here in Australia by the Garrard family, REGA continues to produce, maintain, service and repair REGA products.